5 Must-Read Children's Books on Autism

These books will open up young minds to the beauty of neurodiversity.


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My Brain is Magic: A Sensory-Seeking Celebration

Author:  Prasha Sooful, Illustrator:  Geeta Ladi

My Brain is Magic: A Sensory-Seeking Celebration is a colorful picture book with fun sensory exercises that inspire kids to be aware of their senses. As the main character explores her moods and senses, the book uses animals and insects to illustrate how her brain reacts in different situations.

Written by a clinical audiologist and educator, the book also includes a parent’s note that explains how to address common sensory-seeking behaviors.

My Brother Charlie

Author:  Holly Robinson Peete, Ryan Elizabeth Peete, Illustrator: Shane W. Evans

Based on the story of actress Holly Robinson-Peete’s children, My Brother Charlie is a heartwarming book about ASD that tells the story of a girl named Callie and her twin brother Charlie, who has autism. Charlie’s brain works in a special way that makes him capable of doing things that other kids struggle with. The book portrays the challenges faced by families with children with ASD in a genuine yet affectionate manner, while the charming mixed-media illustrations add a heartwarming touch.


A Day with No Words

Author:  Tiffany Hammond, Illustrator:  Kate Cosgrove

A Day with No Words is written by Tiffany Hammond, the mother of two boys with autism who is on the spectrum herself. The book’s first-person perspective and creative illustrations give readers a chance to see what goes on in the mind of the narrator in a family that uses nonverbal communication. 

Readers get to experience a day in the life of the narrator and his mother, celebrating their bond and the ways they use tools to help them communicate with others — a poignant and lovely reminder of the beauty of difference.

The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism

Author:  Naoki Higashida

A unique memoir written by a charming and self-aware 13-year-old with autism, this book is an enlightening look into how neurodivergent individuals perceive and respond to the world around them. 

Author Naoki Higashida answers questions about autism with honesty and generosity, sharing his insights on life and autism. Families of children with autism will especially appreciate for its eye-opening revelations and insight into the minds of neurodivergent children.


Remarkable Remy

Author: Melanie Heyworth, Nathaniel Eckstrom

A warm and positive picture book on ASD written especially for younger readers, Remarkable Remy helps explain how the brain of a neurodivergent child works differently and how children on the spectrum help make the world a more interesting place.  Melanie Heyworth, the founder of Reframing Autism - a company operated by and dedicated to individuals with autism and their families - emphasizes the delights of friendships with neurodivergent individuals in her work.