Autism-Friendly Summer Communication Programs

These  classes are designed to enhance communication and verbal abilities for kids looking to improve their skills.


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Children on the spectrum often face significant challenges with communication, impacting their ability to interact and connect with others. The demands and structure of the busy school year can make it difficult for these children to focus on improving these essential skills. However, the summer holiday provides a unique and valuable opportunity. With fewer commitments and a more relaxed schedule, children can concentrate on enhancing their communication abilities in a less stressful and more supportive environment.

During the summer break, there are several specialized programs designed to support the development of communication skills in children. These summer programs offer targeted activities and strategies to help children improve their ability to express themselves, engage in conversations, and build meaningful relationships with their peers. Here are a few programs specifically designed to support the development of communication skills in children during the summer break:


Social Skills Ocean Explorers

Social skills are essential for early childhood development, supporting positive relationships, communication, and literacy. SPOT's Social Skills Ocean Explorers course  helps children cultivate these skills through fun and interactive activities inspired by the underwater world. We focus on building friendships, recognizing emotions, conversational skills, following group plans, reasoning, problem-solving, body awareness, and enhancing self-esteem. The program, run by speech and language therapists Joyce Yan and Twinkle Yeung, includes ocean-themed activities and sessions that mirror underwater exploration, helping children practice social behaviors in engaging ways.

Information about the program can be accessed here.

2nd-5th July, 9:00-10:30 AM for 3-5 year olds

8th-12th July, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM for 6-8 year olds


Social Savvy Camp

Sprout in Motion offers a summer program designed by Dr. Minna Chau, led by experienced speech and behavior therapists. This camp focuses on enhancing social and executive function skills in neurodivergent learners using the "Social Thinking curriculum." Through a multisensory approach filled with engaging activities, participants learn to manage emotions, adopt a growth mindset, understand social cues, and develop empathy and flexible thinking. The program equips learners to handle setbacks, adapt to change, and thrive socially, helping them feel more comfortable and resilient in their interactions with others.

Information about the program can be accessed here.

15th July - 16th August, 9:30-11am for 4-6 year olds

15th July - 16th August, 11am-12:30pm for 7-10 year olds


Lego Club

Child Development Centre's LEGO Club is a social development program designed for children who need assistance with their social-communication skills. The LEGO-based therapy approach uses collaborative play and the child's interest in LEGO to improve their social competence. The programme will address and develop a range of social-communication skills including joint attention and accomplishment, collaboration, teamwork and building positive friendships, verbal and nonverbal communication, and problem-solving and conflict resolution.

The LEGO Club is intended for primary-school aged children and is led by CDC staff who are trained in LEGO-based therapy. The class size consists of two groups of 2-3 participants. This Club provides a structured social skills programme for primary-school aged children on Saturdays.

Information about the program can be accessed here.

On Saturdays for primary school-aged children


Have Better Conversations

Many children find it challenging to initiate conversations, join discussions, ask questions, and participate in social activities. The Harbour School's Fully Immersive Scholars Holiday (F.I.S.H) program offers the "Have Better Conversations" course, specifically designed to address these challenges.

Learning to communicate effectively in social settings can help children make friends more easily and engage comfortably and confidently in various social situations.

This camp is designed for 9-13 year olds who would benefit from additional support in having conversations, building relationships, and interacting confidently with their peers.

Information about the program can be accessed here.

15th-19th July, 9am-12pm for 9-13 year olds


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