PBS Kids Introduces ASD-Themed Series

Join Carl, the endearing raccoon with autism, in the charming animated series Carl the Collector.

PBS Kids

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PBS Kids is currently in the process of developing an unprecedented series that will prominently feature a lead character on the autism spectrum, alongside a diverse group of neurodiverse friends. Titled "Carl the Collector," this animated show revolves around Carl, a charismatic raccoon with autism, who possesses a deep passion for collecting various items.

Set in the vibrant world of Fuzzytown, where individuals are constantly discovering more about themselves and those around them, the series aims to foster understanding and acceptance.

While Carl is depicted as warm-hearted and enthusiastic, with a remarkable attention to detail, he also grapples with anxiety in unfamiliar situations and when confronted with unexpected circumstances.

PBS Kids has ensured that Carl's circle of friends encompasses both neurotypical and neurodiverse characters, further promoting inclusivity and representation within the show.