BooSnoo!  Innovates Calming Content for Neurodiverse Kids

Created by Julian Bashford for neurodiverse children, BooSnoo! features calming, structured episodes with relatable themes.


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The children's series BooSnoo! is a unique program designed to appeal to children with autism, featuring quiet, calming content with a predictable structure and clear visuals. 

Creator Julian Bashford, inspired by his own experiences as a father of an autistic child, developed the show to include elements that resonate with neurodiverse viewers. Each episode has a specific theme, which often includes stimming inspired moments, or topics a neurodiverse audience will gravitate to, such as trains, spinning, wheels and space. The show features a distinctive red ball that takes a journey through a machine inspired by slow, calming marble runs, pinballs, slow art and gentle ASMR sounds - and sometimes, the music stops, and the audience has the audible space to find a voice, and chat about what they are seeing. 

The series has caught the attention of Sky Kids for its suitability as calming, bedtime content. The neurodiverse market is emerging as significant, with studies suggesting a sizeable portion of the global population falls on the autism spectrum. 

BooSnoo!'s adaptability for products for both neurotypical and neurodiverse children is especially promising, drawing comparisons to the success of fidget spinners. The series is expected to branch out into various consumer products, including picture books and live events, addressing a notable gap in the market for such inclusive items.

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