Top 5 Autism Support Organizations in Hong Kong

Discover the Hong Kong organizations providing vital support for the ASD community.


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Accessing public social support for families navigating autism spectrum disorder in Hong Kong can be an uphill battle. From screenings to eligibility, bureaucratic procedures are time-consuming and confusing, with high demand straining the infrastructure and causing delays. However, the organizations listed below have stepped up to offer tailored services for the ASD community, providing valuable resources for those affected by autism in Hong Kong.

Child Development Centre

With a focus on English-language intervention programs, the Child Development Centre provides a service for Hong Kong’s non-Chinese speakers on the autism spectrum. Their comprehensive services encompass speech and motor therapy, sensory processing, social skills, and behavioral support. 

The Child Development Centre’s small group structure allows intensive input and social skills practice for children from preschool to primary school age, as well as assessments for children up to 16 years old. 

“Our small group structure with a maximum of six children allows intensive input yet opportunity for social skills practice,” shares CDC communications officer Jam Yim. “High-quality intervention is maintained as all of these groups are staffed by SEN-trained teachers, speech therapists, and occupational therapists.”  

There is also holistic support through workshops, counseling, and home visits for Hong Kong residents. Accessing the Child Development Centre is straightforward, with consultations and tailored recommendations provided after evaluation. The Child Development Centre also offers guidance on potential wait times for subvented services.

Address: CDC, 3/F, North Point Welfare Facilities Block, 123 Java Road, North Point

Tel: +852 2849 2018


CDC's holistic services offer support for families with ASD children.

Autism Partnership Foundation

The Autism Partnership Foundation provides free applied behavior analysis therapy to low-income families in Hong Kong’s autism community. As a registered charity, the Autism Partnership Foundation raises awareness and offers applied behavior analysis treatment services at no charge. 

“Our service programs give children the opportunity to receive free ABA treatment support, and parents can gain stronger knowledge and better understanding in addressing and handling some of the common challenges faced by their child,” says Abbie Chan, APF's Director of Clinical Services. 

Through their programs, children receive essential support, while parents learn how to address challenges. The Autism Partnership Foundation’s experienced therapists provide a range of services, including one month of intensive treatments, a six-month preschool program called Learning Buddies, and parental training and family therapy. 

The Autism Partnership Foundation encourages Hong Kong residents to contact them directly for eligibility assessments to access their free services.

Address: APF, 21/F, Elite Centre, 22 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Tel: +852 3583 0668

WhatsApp: +852 5694 0489


APF provides free ABA services to eligible families.


LoveXpress is a charity dedicated to empowering Hong Kong’s autism community on multiple fronts. They raise public awareness, promote education, and provide crucial early intervention for children with autism.

LoveXpress offers individuals with autism the opportunity to plan their careers through workshops and corporate partnerships. A standout initiative is the early intervention scheme, which provides comprehensive support to low-income families in the Hong Kong autism community for one year. This includes professional therapy, counseling, parental training, and personalized home visits, and it focuses on children in the critical "golden treatment period", which lasts up to six years of age.

To alleviate financial and emotional pressures, LoveXpress provides subsidized counseling services tailored to the needs of parents in Hong Kong. Each session costs HK$150, while LoveXpress covers the remaining cost.

Additionally, LoveXpress organizes a variety of free enrichment classes and workshops for children with autism and their families.  These activities include indoor golf, stretching, and candle-making, and information about these programs is usually promoted through social media and email. 

"By supporting both parents and children of families affected by autism, we establish and strengthen the family's capacity to face challenges together," says a spokesperson from LoveXpress.

Address: LoveXpress, 9B Chi Ko Industrial Building, 17 Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan

Tel: +852 2896 0323



Green Skies

As a partner of LoveXpress, Green Skies offers a distinctive career path for young Hong Kong residents with autism through aquaponics - a sustainable farming method that synergistically cultivates fish and plants in a closed-loop system. Their aquaponics farm is specifically tailored to provide vocational training and employment opportunities for Hong Kong teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum.

Embracing the philosophy that “life impacts life”, Green Skies strives to integrate young individuals on the autism spectrum into the broader community, echoing the harmonious relationship between fish and plants in their farming practice.

For those interested in getting involved or participating in Green Skies' programs, please reach out to the organization directly to arrange an appointment.

Address: Green Skies, Leun Fat Loong Industrial Industrial Building, 19 Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan

Tel: +852 5462 7440​



Talos Foundation

The Talos Foundation, a registered charity in  Hong Kong,  is committed to raising awareness about neurodiversity and special needs with the goal of fostering understanding and inclusiveness.

To facilitate self-identification and increase public awareness, the Talos Foundation provides free bilingual lanyards and buttons that neurodivergent individuals can wear with pride in public spaces throughout Hong Kong.  These identification aides are distributed at 30 locations citywide, details of which can be found on the charity's website.

Mary Shaus, the founder of the Talos Foundation, shares heartwarming stories of neurodivergent individuals wearing these lanyards and buttons in various settings, such as the MTR, shopping malls, flights, and taxis.  According to Mary, these items have helped transform everyday encounters into moments filled with kindness and inclusion.  

The foundation not only raises awareness but also actively engages in creating employment opportunities for those with autism or intellectual disabilities, including nonverbal individuals.  This is achieved through corporate training programs and partnerships with forward-thinking companies.  Monthly events are hosted at Cafe 8, where the staff includes neurodivergent individuals and those who use adaptive devices for communication.

Mary recounts the progress of an employee named Ollie, a server at Cafe 8, who overcame initial nervousness to confidently handle orders independently.  

“It gives me great pride and hope to see the acceptance of people like Ollie in employment settings,” says Mary. 


Talos Foundation actively creates employment opportunities for neurodivergent individuals.